The Butcher Burger Steakhouse,
it is a butcher with a kitchen.

Our butcher shop was born June 2, 1992 and is equipped with a kitchen on February 25, 2014, to give customers the opportunity to eat fresh food that is not otherwise usable, also because they are unknown to most for their exclusivity.
Entering from The Butcher you will immediately notice that you are not in the restaurant but rather in front of a counter of fresh meat and a varied display of Craft, Belgian, German beer etc. and of various types:
blanche, weiss, trappist.
Also craft beers Collesi and also some of the best wine singers such as:
Firriato, Fina, Tasca D 'Almerita, Masi, Antinori, Caccia Al Piano, Bolgheri, Morgante, Funaro, Oliviero Toscani.

6 km from TRAPANI
The Butcher Burgers Steakhouse is a selection of the most renowned meats in the world, from Wagyu Kobe to Angus Aberdeen Argentine, Scottish, Irish, from Chianina to Limousines, Scottones and Florentine T-Bone steaks.
Along with sandwiches with burgers of different sizes and flavors, all prepared from the fresh meat of our butcher shop, you will also find our Butcher Cake on the palate.

Given the small places and the high presence of our daytime Butcher Shop, booking is recommended.

the Butcher (since 1982),

selects high quality meats from all over the world.

The more than thirty years of experience in the field, matured since childhood, in the breeding and in the family agricultural plots, as well as the continuous research of the nuances of taste, form a union, between the traditions of the past, the current demands and the future projection.

the Chef,

manages this added value by adapting traditional flavors to a modern and practical kitchen (fake street food style), sought after in a qualitative way, without foams and surrogates, only fresh raw materials.
Here we find Black Angus, Wagyù, Bavarese, Chianina, Bue Nero, Bufalo, Scottona and also Dry Aged Beef with 30, 60, 90, 120 days of maturation, rich meats of quintessence of taste.

Ask us, we will be able to answer.


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